"Art has meaning since it is made honestly and without prejudice"

Nuno Guedes Campos is a portuguese composer and guitarist born in Lisbon in 1971.

Degree in compositionEscola Superior de Música de Lisboa - ESML at the High School of Music in Lisbon (Portugal) and graduated "Arrangement et OrchestrationInstitut de Formation et Musique Internationale Multimedia - Centre d'Informations Musicales (INFIMM-CIM)" at the in Paris (France).

He had several musical formations along the way in Brazil, Portugal and France passing through assorted styles such as classical, jazz, blues, rock, funk, Brazilian music and flamenco.

His compositions have been played in several countries (Portugal, France, England, Croatia, Italy, Lebanon, South Africa, Taiwan, India and Czech Republic), and have been commissioned and performed by institutions, music formations and musicians such as Orchestra Filarmonica di TorinoPrémio Jovens Músicos and Festival Jovens Músicos (Antena 2 / RDP), OrchestrUtopica, the Algarve Orchestra, Big Band Jazz Longvic, Elizabeth Davis, Pedro Rodrigues, Fruscella Duo / Debs, Darko Petrinjak, Régine Campagnac, Francisco Franco, Drumming, Filipe Quaresma, among others.

He teaches CompositionMusic Theory, Ear Training, , Harmony and Improvisation, Arrangement and Orchestration, Analysis and Composition Techniques ,Combo, Electric Guitar (Jazz and Rock), Music History.

He has guided several workshops related to composition and guitar, covering topics such as jazz harmony and improvisation.

Actually, he teaches at Academia de Guitarra - Tecnologias da Música and Conservatório de Música of Montijo.



As a composer and guitarist: 

- Nuno Guedes Campos Trio - L’octo-Motive - © 2018 Sintoma Records

- Nuno Guedes Campos TRIO - Sensations… Illusions… - © 2015 Sintoma Records

- Nuno Guedes Campos QUARTET - Clair Obscur - © 2013 Sintoma Records

As a guitarist and artistic director: 

Cristina Nóbrega - Live at Mosteiro dos Jerónimos - CD + DVD - © 2014

As a composer (Compilations): 

Momenti Samai - Duo-Fruscella Debs - Aurora 5 pour piano et guitare - © 2004 Guitart 

25 Jovens Compositores para 25 Jovens Interpretes ilustração (solo guitar) - © 2012 GDA Foundation 

As a guitarist (side man):

- José Luís Tinoco - Arquipélago - © 2008 Play

- E-Motion (2006)

- Soul Music Band (1992)


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